Grade 1 Math Worksheets

Grade 1 Math Index
Begin 1st Nine Weeks
1A Identify Numbers 1 -5
1B Identify Numbers 6 -10
Counting and Writing Numbers
1C Counting 0 - 5
1D Counting 6-10
1E Recognizing Numbers 11-20
1F Counting & Writing 11-20
Compare Order Numbers
1G Write the Missing Numbers
1H Which is More
1I Which is Fewer
1J Counting to 30
1K Identify what Items are in Same Set
2A Facts, Sums 0 to 2
2B Facts, Sums 3 and 4
2C Facts, Sums 5 and 6
2D Picture Problems - Understading "In All"
2E Write Addition Number Sentence
2F Addition, Order Property
2G Addition, Add in Any Order
2H Order Numbers, Least to Greatest
3A Subtraction, Cross Out to Subtract
3B Subtraction From 1, 2, and 3
3C Subtraction From 4 and 5
3D Subtraction From 6
3E Use Pictures to Write a Subtract. Sentence
3F Subtraction, Picture Problems
3G Subtraction Draw Pictures to Solve
4A Subtraction From 7
4B Subtraction From 8
4C Subtraction From 9
4D Draw Picture - Write a Subtraction Sentence
4E Subtraction From 10
4F Problem Solving, Subtraction, Draw Pictures
4G Subtraction, Draw Pictures to Solve
5A Addition, Sums 7 and 8
5B Addition, Sums 9 and 10
5C Addition, Draw Pictures to Solve
5D Draw a Picture, Write Addition Sentence
6A Addition and Subtraction, Math Rule
6B Related Addition and Subtraction Facts
6C Subtraction, Draw Pictures to Solve
7A Patterns, Add and Subtract, Follow the Rule
7B Fact Families to 10
7C Draw a Picture, Write a Number Sentence
8A Picture Graphs, Read a Picture Graph
8B Complete a Tally Table
8C Read a Bar Graph
8D Make a Bar Graph
9A Place Value, Count by Tens
9B Place Value - How Many Tens and Ones
9C Place Value - Number that = Tens and Ones
9D Place Value - Tens and Ones
9E Counting & Writing to 100
Begin 2nd Nine Weeks
Inequality Symbols < > =
10A Less Than <
10B Greater Than >
10C Inequality Symbols < > =
Number Order
10D Before, Between, After
10E Count Forward & Backward
11A Number Patterns, Skip Count by 2s
11B Number Patterns, Skip Count by 5s
11C Number Patterns, Skip Count by 10s
11D Number Patterns, Even and Odd Numbers
11E Ordinal Numbers (1st - 2nd - 3rd etc)
12A Doubles and Doubles Plus One
12B Addition, Adding Three Numbers
12C Addition, Picture Problem Solving
13A Related Addition and Subtraction Facts
13B Fact Families, Write the #'s in Fact Family
13C Sums and Differences to 12
13D Find the Missing Addend, Related Facts
14A Three Dimensional Shapes, Cube
14B 3-D Shapes, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere
15A Geometry, Symmetry
15B Geometry, Slide and Turn
15C Geometry, Congruent Shapes
16A Geometry, Complete the Pattern
16B Geometry, Make a Pattern
Addition & Subtraction Advanced
17A Add 3 Numbers
17B Add or Subt. Problem Solving Using Data
18A Doubles Fact Families
18B Related Addition and Subtraction
18C Addition Facts to 18
18D Subtraction Facts to 18
Begin 3rd Nine Weeks
Double Digit Add/Subtract
19A Adding Ones and Tens
19B 2 Digit Subtract 1-digit
19C 2 Digit Subtract  2-digit
20A One Half
20B One Fourth
20C One Third
20D Color One Part, Circle the Fraction
21A Pennies
21B Pennies, Count Coins - Use Cent Symbol
21C Nickels and Pennies, Write Amount
21D Nickels and Pennies  use Cent Symbol
21E Dimes and Pennies
21F Price with Cent Symbol
21G Dimes, Nickel and Pennies
21H Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies
21I Compare Coin Amounts
22A Time, Read a Clock, Time to the Hour
22B Time, Read a Clock, Time to the Half Hour
22C Time, Draw Hands on a Clock
23A Calendar, Read a Calendar
24A Inches
24B Print and Measure Length - Inches
24C Centimeters
25A Nonstandard Units
25B Inches, Estimate and Measure
25C Longest and Shortest
25D Inches and Feet, Circle the Best Answer
25E Centimeters, Estimate and Measure
25F Circle the Object That is Heavier
25G Circle the Object That is Lighter
26A Pounds
26B Kilograms
27A Cup, Pint, Quart
27B Temperature