You just Gotta Try This!
Ping-Pong is a powerful tool designed to dramatically increase your student's ability to successfully learn difficult words. Use Ping-Pong to solidify learning of words your student is having difficulty remembering or confuses with other words. For example, if your student looks at the word “were” and says “where” – put both these words into a Word Group box below and Ping-Pong will automatically make a practice sheet with both words by placing them into a random pattern such as – were – where – where – were – were – where – were – where – where – etc. Have your student read the Ping-Pong created list a few times and you’ll be amazed at how effective this strategy is for permanently locking words into long-term memory!

Powerful Brain Based Learning
The intense stimulation of the brain's short and long-term mermory during the Ping-Pong activity is the key to its success. While Ping-Pong works very well with all students, it can be a "miracle" tool for students with learning problems or short attention spans. Ping Pong also works great with alphabet learning (b d d d b b) - phonics memorization (ch sh sh ch sh) and even Math Facts (9x4= 8x4=). The morning following a ping-Pong activity i when you'll really see its effecttivness. It is during the dream stages of sleep that permanent memory is locked in place from the previous day's events.

Complete the information below
Click SUBMIT to make your Ping-Pong Excercise Sheet.
MAC computers may need to use Google browser to print
Recommended Times New Roman as this is the most common font used in books
Font size of words on final display page. 18 point is recommended
This arranges how words will appear on final Ping-Pong page. Choose Vertical to display words in columns or Horizontal to display words in paragraph rows. Vertical appears to work better for initial learning of words while Horizontal is good for review. Teacher can also use Vertical format to cut-out a column of words and tape to site of student desks for random practice and future class activities. A great classroom is to tape a set of personal Ping-Pong words to each student's desk. Tell students they get extra recess when everyone can read their words.
5 Enter Ping-Pong Display Words.
Word Group 1 will be shown in Column 1 or 1st paragraph row. Word Group 2 will be shown in Column 2 or 2nd paragraph row etc.
Use only 2 words per Group for best results, however, you can use more than 2 words if reviewing previous words or if student showed only slight hesitations when reading words.
Enter two words per group for best results
Total # of words displayed in each Row Group. It is inactivated in Vertical layout option as this number is set depending on the font size selected.