Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets

Emphasis here is on pre-reading skills that MUST be mastered BEFORE any student can learn to read. This includes memorization of all 26 alphabet letter names and mastery of all consonant sounds. Without any doubt - if a student does not have the alphabet letter names and their corresponding sounds memorized, they will advance at a much much slower pace. But don't worrry! We have all the worksheets - activities (and secret tricks) you'll need to get those skills mastered - FAST! Other pre-reading skills needed to accelerate the learning-to-read process include mastery of short & long vowel sounds, complex vowel sounds (such as digraphs - ai, ee, oa, etc) and r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, ur, or). The more of these sounds a student has learned, the more progress they will make in far less time.

Our powerful worksheets also teach our famous "stop-at-the-vowel-sound" technique. This powerful but simple trick will be discussed later but works wonders in helping students figure-out (decode) unknown reading and spelling words. Also included are worksheet activities that teach essential skills including positioning words (above, below, right, left, etc), colors, shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle) and activities for learning numbers 1-20. An easy to administer Alphabet Letter & Phonics Test is included to keep track of each student's mastery of this skill. So, give us a spin! You'll quickly see how our materials can make a powerful addition to any Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1 program. Click any image below to see what these "one-of-a-kind" materials are all about.

Alphabet Memorizing Trick
Learn alphabet letters fast!

Wanna see some magic? An absolutely amazing technique that enables students to learn letter names faster than you thought possible. Here you will teach two diffferent letter names on the worksheet and discuss their visual differences. Students then say the row of 7 letters. If a mistake is made, the teacher discusses the error and the student starts again. The back and forth strategy of saying only two letter names results in a tremendous improvement in how fast the letter names can be learned.

Nearly all students can keep the names of two letters in their short-term memory during the exercise. You'll see how this ability can be used to our advantage to lock information into the long-term "permanent" memory. We call this back and forth between two pieces of information Ping-Pong. Whatever you call it, it is an immensely powerful tool for accelerating the rate at which young (or non-English speaking) students can permanently memorize (learn) the alphabet letters. The increased repetition of only small amounts of information makes the magic happen by also stimulating brain areas involved in long-term memory retention. The picture above shows our three line Ping-Pong activity. We also have a one line Ping-Pong activity that contains 30 letters and reviews previous letters as well (a little more challenging).

Ping-Pong Memorizing Trick
Provides concentrated practice with difficult letters, sounds, words.

Sometimes a student just can't remember a specific letter or word no matter how much we try. This is where our PingPong program comes to the rescue! It is the same back and forth strategy as our Alphabet Letter Memorizing pre-printed pages, however, the PingPong allows you to type in specific letters or words and Presto! - they automatically appear in random order on a page. You can then practice immediately or PRINT for later practice.

The PingPong input page allows you to choose column or row format - font type - font size and spacing. Tape to the top of your student's desk as a powerful learning tool or give copies to parents for additional help at home.

Letter Learning Activity 1
Color the letter we are teaching today.

The main focus here is to teach only one letter name and then practice writing the letter. Success without frustration is guaranteed because of the design layout. Here, you ask students to find the selected letter by using a crayon to "color" the letter. We provide a slight challenge which keeps things interesting as students must "find" the letter from a group of previously taught letters. The activity also teaches colors, writing the letter correctly - and an important Pre-K or Kindergarten skill.

After coloring the specific letter on the worksheet, students are then asked to count the number of letters they colored and then write the letter in the space at the bottom of the page (a dot is shown on each letter to show proper starting point). As you can see - no frustration here, just rapid non-stressful learning with a small challenge to keep things interesting.

The "WHERE-IS" Worksheets
Where is the sound?
Beginning or end of the word?

Teaches letter name, sound and phonemic awareness in one activity. The key to this activity's success is the entire page concentrates on only one letter. This gives the repetition needed for successful memorization of the letter name and sound while eliminating distractions from "too-much" information. It should initially be done as a teacher-guided activity but can later be done by the student alone as a review or homework.

The teacher begins by saying the picture name slowly - then asking - "Do you hear the "buh" sound at the beginning or end of the word?" - again saying the picture name slowly. If the sound is heard at the beginning of the word, students circle the "left" letter. If the sound is heard at the end of the word - they circle the right letter. This strongly reinforces the phonemic awareness skill of beginning and ending sounds. Students then take this information to simply find the correct word that contains the beginning or ending letter they just chose and writes the word in the space provided. Easy as pie! Once the teacher believes students have a grasp of the concept, students should then try the activity on their own without the teacher.

PowerHouse Class Activity
Wow! Our Favorite Activity

Each activity teaches a letter name, a simple phonemic awareness activity and many different essential pre-reading skills. Provides an absolutely wonderful classroom activity that teaches and reviews so many important skills. We call this our PowerHouse activity because there is so much information covered - nothing boring here! We have one for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Powerhouse should always be done as a teacher-guided activity.

Before passing out the worksheet, place a pile of many different colored crayons in the middle of the table making sure there are ample crayons for the color that is needed in the activity. Since you are asking questions - there is the "fun" of finding the correct answer as you slowly progress through the activity.

Advanced Phonics Worksheets
What Sounds Do You Hear?

An excellent phonemic awareness activity in which students pick the first, middle and final sound in each word. Note how only two choices are given for each sound - This provides a "clue" that stimulates their recognition memory which greatly increases likelihood of correct answers. Five difficulty levels of the same activity are provided, each with the same 20 words, but becomes progressively more difficult as some columns do not give clues.

Students circle the letter for the beginning sound - then the middle sound - and the letter for the final sound. Available in many different vowel sound categories including short vowels - long vowels - digraphs (ai - ee - oa - etc) and r-controlled vowels (ar - er - ir - ur - or). The activities should be repeated often to insure mastery of letters, sounds and skills taught.. Also, our Mr. Ed Phonics Tutor is basically the same activity but is done on a computer or phone and includes talking cartoon characters to assist.

Mr. ED Phonics Tutor
Powerful one-on-one tutoring!

Wanna see some magic? Use Mr. Ed every day with any student having trouble memorizing letter names and those critical consonant sounds. After 5 days you'll say, Mr. Ed.... Where've you been all my life? You'll also be just as thrilled after using Mr. Ed with any non-English speaking student. Packed into this powerful little program is a super-smart teacher assistant that teaches letter names, consonant sounds and phonemic awareness.

Here's how it works... Mr. Ed uses 10 common three-letter nouns to teach the letter names and sounds made by those letters. He begins by explaining to your student what to do and then says the name of the first noun. Mr. Ed then asks the student to click on a letter in column 1 that makes the sound at the beginning of the word (teaching phonemic awareness as well). If the answer is correct, Mr. Ed gives a good-job comment and moves to the next letter/sound. If incorrect, a cartoon video immediately begins that teaches the correct answer. In other words, students can only advance when correct answers are chosen. This is known as immediate feedback and results in greatly accelerated learning. Because our cartoon characters correct and teach after every mistake - this makes for a powerful tutoring activity that will keep students involved for 20-30 minutes without needing any teacher assistance. Isn't that nice! Also included is a HELP button, so even before picking their letter answer, the can be told the sounds of the letters in that column, thereby, greatly increasing the likelihood of a correct choice. Not only is Mr. Ed the goto strategy for students behind in consonant sounds, but is absolutely a lifesaver for use with non-English speaking students.

Important Pre-Reading Test
Alphabet & Phonics Test

This critically important test should be given to EVERY Kindergarten student at the middle and end of the year and EVERY Grade 1 student during the first week of school. WHY? Because the research shows reading success is strictly tied to the mastery of ALL alphabet letter names and major phonetic sounds. Of course, this makes sense since decoding and spelling words requires knowing what sounds each letter makes. Our Alphabet Letter & Phonics Test makes it easy for you to document student mastery of these pre-reading skills. The test covers - Lowercase Letters - Uppercase Letters - Consonant Sounds - Long and Short Vowel Sounds and Complex Vowels Sounds. Only availabel in our Premier Handwriting Practice version

Simply have a student sit next to you at the computer and ask them say the letters or sounds on the page. Click the button below the letter to score as correct (1), hesitation (2) or error (3).
The program then automatically makes a page showing all letters and sounds mastered and not mastered. As a bonus, it even makes a special row of practice letters you tape to the top of the students desk. The full version of this powerful program is available in our new Premier HandwritingPractice program.