MathKEY Grade 1

The index at left lists all math skills students should learn in Grade 1. This sequence of math skills comes from an intensive analysis of the most popular textbooks used in Grade 1 math instruction. To make this even more comprehensive, we used a number sequence to keep things organized. Skills beginning with a "1" are typically taught in the first week of school, skills beginning with a "2" are typically taught in the secnd week of school, etc.  This organizational approach will give you confidence knowing your students are learning the precise math skills they need at any point durinig the school year.

You'll notice only 27 weeks of math skills are listed in our index while a typical school year consists of 36 weeks.  This is because school math curriculums typically use the last nine weeks of school for reviewing previously taught material.  If your student does not need the review, you can simply move onto the next grade, thereby, advancing 25% further each year.  If you continue advancing through the summer you can see how you can really accelerate the math learning process.

Getting Started
Click the numbered link for any skill and you will immediately see a text description of the skill and a visual example of how the skill is taught on the worksheet. If your student(s) already know the skill, just skip to the next skill by clicking the NEXT button. If you would like for your student to practice the skill shown, simply click the WORKSHEET button at top. You will then see the high quality worksheets we created to help your student learn the skill in the shortest amount of time possible. Efficiency in design is our primary focus!

While you may already be using a math curriculum, our MathKEY worksheets are an excellent way to provide additional practice on any difficult or specific skill. The index can also be used as a curriculum guide as well, making sure your students are learning precisely what they should in any given week in school.

Parents and teacher assistants can also use MathKEY in a "one-on-one" tutoring situation to identify specific skills not yet mastered.  During testing you can print each skill worksheet you choose - and keep on file for a custom-tailored individual math improvement program!