STEP 1 - Same or Different content each line?

Try our new Handwriting Worksheet Design Program. Make handwriting practice worksheets easily. Includes a larger virtual screen and easy to follow steps. Our orignal handwriting practice program can be accessed from the blue 'Back to Legacy' button at top. Choose if you want SAME or DIFFERENT content on each line on your handwriting practice worksheet. For example, if you want a child to practice only their name, you can select "SAME" and each line will automatically fill with the name you type - saving considerable time. If you want students to practice several sentences or different content on each line, you can select 'DIFFERENT' and type anything in any row.

STEP 2 - Choose Paper Orientation - Paper Size & Font Style
Paper Layout Paper Size Style
Next, would you like your handwriting worksheet to appear in Landscape mode (like we show now) or in Portrait mode (worksheet is taller than it is wide). Also, since paper size is different in different countries (betcha didn't know that..), we need to know that as well. You can then choose to use dot trace or hollow letter font. Hollow letters can be a fun change but only works with colored pencils.
STEP 3 - Letter Size & Colors
Letter Size Colors
Choose a larger size if students are just learning letters, however, tracing big letters can be difficult since more hand movement is needed. Black letters over blue lines seems to be the best option but you can choose any color combination. You can also change line color as well. In STEP 5 you can add direction arrows to show direction of pencil movement.
Foreign Letters

Here you can change the default title and ADD CONTENT to your worksheet. When you TYPE letters immediately appear on the worksheet design screen.
Row # Arrow Letter Dots Blank No Row
Here you can really get fancy. Options including starting dots only, adding arrows, making lines blank or removing a line entirely with bold starting dots, but then choose to have rows only show starting dots (to give students a challenge). You can also add direction arrows (showing how to move the pencil) and even make a row blank or remove it entirely if you'd like space for drawing pictures.